Hello We're Cemimax!


Five reasons why you want to work with / for Cemimax

  1. Innovation - we have developed some of the most user friendly products in the industry and are the only one that can make a polishable topping with color, aggregate, and glass all in one bag.
  2. Growth - We are just getting started here in the US in the Northern California market. We plan to cover the entire West Coast and then go East growing until we have the entire North American market covered. Plus the other International markets we are opening.
  3. Opportunity - With the growth we have planned in the US we offer dynamic career opportunities that allow you to realize new experiences without changing employers.
  4. Culture - Being that Cemimax is an International family owned company that has employees speaking 10 different languages, so our business culture is very diverse. We aspire to be the best in our industry and our employees share an intensity to succeed through an honest approach to product quality, customer service and overall business management.
  5. Benefits - Cemimax focuses on total rewards, meaning we offer competitive compensation and benefits, in addition to non-financial rewards like an engaging work environment and meaningful career advancement opportunities. We focus on the total value of our employment offer.


Be a part of our growing company as either a new customer or an employee. You can join us on our exciting journey as we change what people think of when it comes to the pricing, support, and training you can get from a subfloor preparation manufacturer. We are willing to come to your job site or shop, train the professionals in an effort to help them understand our line, and how to install our products successfully. All to avoid that feeling of here's a new product, you're on your own, good luck getting it right, and if you don't you are on your own. We want to partner with our customers and show you how your opportunity for success is a lot larger; not only with our products but with us as your partner. If this sounds like a company that you want to be a part of or you want as a vendor then please get in contact with us.

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