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Cemimax North America offers a line of quality concrete preparation products across the Denver, CO area and the entire United States. Efficient delivery of products is our top priority. Our distribution and warehousing facilities are located in the west coast, remaining at close proximity to service customers around Denver, CO through timely product shipping options coordinated by staff members for construction sites near us. If you need to lay new concrete or restore damaged structures, Cemimax’s quality products are the perfect match for your job!

Extensive Technical Support Denver

Concrete is often a difficult material to work with. Utilizing concrete preparation products on your project requires understanding not only what they are but how best to use them for maximum effect at minimal cost and time investment from start to finish! We're here every step of the way, guiding you through each decision that matters in this process so all our customers get exactly what they need when it comes down to choosing between different types or grades - without any surprises along the way. We will help you decide on the most suitable concrete preparation products for your situation, along with providing detailed installation instructions and our product data sheets that are matched to local conditions prevalent in Denver. 

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Cemimax DP40 Primer

Primers / Moisture Vapor Retarders

  • Primers - DP30, DP40
  • Moisture Vapor Retarders/ Two Part Epoxy Primer - DP400

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Cemimax DL55 Self-Leveling compound

Leveling / Patching Compounds

  • Leveling Compounds / Cement-based - DL18, DL55, DL59
  • Patch / Repair / Smoothing Compounds - PP3

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Cemimax A350 Polyurethane Sealer

Polyurethane Sealers and Adhesives

  • Polyurethane Sealer - PU Sealer, Pu Color
  • Floor Covering Adhesives - A2000, A300, A600, A710 a&b, A710

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